Employment Assistance Program (EAP)

Fix It Counselling is an approved Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider for the following services:


  • Access
  • Converge International
  • Occupational Assistance Service (OAS)
  • Max Solutions
  • Drake WorkWise
  • Optum (Crisis Response – including on-site, Organisational Development - e.g. Coaching, Training, Mediation and Springboard sessions only)


Please contact your EAP directly to arrange a referral. If you’re unsure if you have an EAP program at work – please speak with your HR manager or line supervisor.




Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS)

Fix It Counselling is an approved ATAPS service provider and can provide free counselling services to approved clients.


Please speak with your treating GP/Dr for referral options.   Eligible patients can receive up to 18 sessions per calendar year – 3 referrals of 6 sessions where clinically appropriate.  Suicide prevention referrals receive up to 18 sessions in a 2 month timeframe.



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