Meet Fix It. We're here to help.

Meet Kylie

I’ve worked with men and in a male dominated workforce for the last 14 or so years (Corrective Services and Department of Defence) and have loved it. However, over the years I’ve found that there just aren’t enough support services specifically tailored for men and that perhaps this is why men are less likely to use, or return to professional services. For these reasons I finally made the decision to establish my own counselling service, one tailor made for people (both men and women) who don't want to sit on a couch, but do want to fix what's going on in their lives!

Throughout my career I have worked in both front line ‘hands on’ roles and within senior management managing a large multidisciplinary human services team. My specialist interest areas are in domestic violence behaviours, relationship and family issues, substances and addiction, anxiety and depression and performance and human resource management.

What about qualifications, training and professional recognition you ask? I mean you wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic who wasn’t qualified would you…. In short I have a Bachelor of Social Work through the University of Queensland and a Masters in Human Services Management through Monash University. As is the norm with human service workers, over the years I’ve completed extensive training and workshops in the above areas; and have also been a trainer in similar areas; in particular suicide prevention.

Meet Sheridan

My working career spans over the past 30 years, having worked in a wide range of industries including defence, health services, the public health sector, tertiary education and training sectors.

I’ve worked with a range of clients from children, pediatrics, to adults and young adults from a range or various cultural backgrounds. In 2013 I qualified as an accredited mental health social worker.

My approach to cases is more an integrated approach which has been developed through my extensive  experience and training. My main passion is helping those work through issues around around grief and loss, assisting those impacted by such events to make the across the life transitions and adjustments required to mentally prepare themselves for the next steps in life .

My recent work experience in public health has focused on crisis intervention and assisting those working through impacts of trauma. As well as assisting individuals and those around them with adjusting to illness with physical, financial and emotional factors.

Other focus areas of my work has been in life transitions including distress in relationships be it a family/friend relationship, a parent/child relationship and/or work place relationship

My approach focuses on values of social justice and advocacy, working through problems pragmatically utilizing therapies that assist clients deal with their pressing issues. These include but not restricted to– Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solutions Focused Therapy, along withAcceptance and Commitment Therapy.

I engage clients to identify their concerns and negotiate achievable goals. While also paying attention to providing, where necessary, relevant and helpful psycho education for the client. The aim of this approach is for the client to better understand factors that may influence their feelings, behaviors/actions and decisions.