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Veterans and Veterans Families

Counselling Service (VVCS)

Fix It Counselling is an approved Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) provider.


To confirm your eligibility please call VVCS on 1800 011 046 or use this link.


The following members of the veteran and defence community presenting with mental health and wellbeing concerns, can seek VVCS support:


  • Veterans, whether current or former serving with the Australian Defence Force;
  • Other current and former Australian Defence Force members who have:
  • served in domestic or international disaster relief operations;
  • served in border protection operations;
  • served in the Royal Australian Navy as a submariner;
  • been medically discharged; or
  • been involved in a training accident that resulted in serious injury to any person.
  • Participants in the Veterans’ Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme.
  • Certain United Nations and Australian police approved peacekeepers.
  • The partners and dependent children (up to age 26) of those members listed above.
  • The ex-partners of Vietnam veterans within five years of separation.
  • Sons and daughters (of any age) of Vietnam veterans.
  • Adult sons and daughters (over 26) of post-Vietnam War veterans.
  • War Widow[er]s
  • Those with a DVA Health Card - for All Conditions (Gold)
  • Those with a DVA Health Card - for Specific Conditions (White) for specified mental health conditions – which can be obtained via non-liability health care or an accepted compensation claim.
  • The partners, dependent children, siblings and parents of ADF members killed in service-related incidents.
  • Family members of current and former ADF members who die by suicide or reported suicide.
  • Defence Force Abuse Taskforce (DART) complainants and their families.
  • Participants in the Study of Health Outcomes in Aircraft Maintenance Personnel scheme.
  • Current serving members who are referred to VVCS by the Australian Defence Force under an Agreement for Services.




Fix It Counselling is a registered WorkCover provider and provides approved services to workers who are struggling to adjust to life and cope after a workplace injury or accident.


For WorkCover referrals to Fix It Counselling, please liaise with your treating GP/Dr. and WorkCover Case Manager.




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