Fully vaccinated clinician continuing face to face services while maintaining government requirements & advice
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No Bulls*it Counselling

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COVID-19 Policy

“At this stage, Fix It Counselling continues to provide face to face counselling and adheres to government and health advice including the required use of hand sanitiser both on the way in and out of the office, client’s who cough or sneeze are to do so into their elbow or a tissue, dispose of the tissue and use hand sanitizer. Sorry, no more hugs or hand shaking, we’re committed to a healthy 1.5 metres social distancing. If you have an appointment and are unwell in any way, please contact Kylie on 0418 986 293 and request a non-contact telephone or video appointment. Maintaining health precautions are essential for Fix It Counselling to continue their support to clients and reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Cairns Based Counselling & Mental Health Service

Fix It Counselling is a no bullsh*t service for people who want to fix an issue and get life sorted.  It’s a service where there’s no judgments, no long-winded professional dialogues with fancy words, no lying on a couch, no incense or chimes, no sand play or any other warm and fuzzy stuff. 

At Fix It Counselling we like to cut to the chase, to call a ‘spade a spade’ and to get in and sort out what's going on.  We're a solutions focused, task orientated counselling service for people who are ready to fix what’s going on.

We specialise in

  • Relationship and family issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Improving personal relationships
  • Managing emotions
  • Domestic violence behaviours
  • Family Court and co-parenting matters
  • Substance and addiction
  • Grief and loss
  • Problem solving
  • Suicide, at-risk and self-harm concerns
  • Performance and human resource management issues
  • Clinical supervision of professional human services staff

Fix It Counselling will help you set the change you need in motion

No Bulls*it help, when you need it most.

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