How Much & When?

Fee: $140

All consultations are $140 for 60 minutes or $210 for 90 minute extended session. Payment is required at the end of the session by cash or EFTPOS. You may be able to access a rebate for services if you are a member of a Private Health Care Fund or have been issued with a current Mental Health Care Plan from your treating General Practitioner (GP) / Doctor or Psychiatrist.

Medicare Rebate

To be eligible for a Medicare rebate / reimbursement of $74.80 (or an ‘out of pocket’ expense of $65.20 per 60 minute appointment), you will need to be issued with a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) by your treating GP or Doctor. Your GP will assess your eligibility prior to your appointment at Fix It Counselling. If you’re eligible, your GP will prepare a MHCP referral for you to access rebates for up to six sessions per referral. Upon completion of the six sessions, you can also return to your GP and have your MHCP reviewed and receive a further additional four to six sessions.

Book an Appointment - Skype or Face to Face

You can book an available appointment time slot using the bookings page. Fix It Counselling accommodates appointments both face to face at our Manoora, Queensland office, or via Skype connection. If you already have a Skype appointment booked go to the Skype Now page to begin your call at the appropriate time.


Our practitioners are available part-time, after hours and on weekends by appointment. Book an appointment now via the booking page, or make an inquiry using the contact page.


Payment will be required on the day of your face to face office appointment and Eftpos facilities are available. Payment for Skype appointments will be invoiced after your appointment with 7 days to finalise the payment. 

Banking Details:
Account Name: Fix It Counselling Pty Ltd
BSB: 084922
Account Number: 432183787
ABN: 54624309128


No one likes a no show…. So if you don’t show up for your appointment or cancel at short notice (less than 24 hrs notice) you may incur a fee of 50% of the consultation fee ($70)