Court Reports

Court Reports

Do you need a report for Family Court, Immigration Law or Criminal Courts? Kylie at Fix It Counselling provides reports specialising in assessment and recommendations associated with domestic family violence, substance abuse and parenting matters. Reports include reference and research supported assessments and recommendations.

Family Law

Kylie practices from a collaborative and inclusive family law approach.  Her practice is informed by the Queensland Government Department of Communities Professional Practice Standards: Working with Men who Perpetrate Domestic Family Violence,Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) standards and Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology (APA) guidelines at the centre of her practice. Assessments and reports focus on neutral child-centred service provision, giving consideration to developmental, cultural and extended family factors.

Standards and Guidelines:

Criminal Law

Kylie has over 18 years working specifically in the area of domestic violence and sexual offender rehabilitation and treatment programs. Her practice framework and approach to domestic violence is grounded in feminist understandings of the risks and safety to women and children; is attachment and trauma informed with consideration of its impact on the brain and body (neuroscience); and considers masculine psychology and the socialisation of men intergenerationally and in current times. Kylie practices from a strength based, non-deficit relationship that focusing on working together to build, maximise and maintain healthy connected relationships.

Kylie - "For me when working with abusers, I affirm that all individuals hold equal worth and that abusers recognise that their abused have the right to lead an autonomous, self-fulfilled, well lives as they determine. This infiltrates the narrative. I commit to providing a humane and respectful service that is mindful of the potential to do harm to others – abused, children and the abuser. It is my responsibility to respond to the rights, safety and integrity of those in and out of the room. I advocate to change the historic narrative surrounding perpetrators of DFV to improve the lives of women, children and men through evidence and practice experience."

Kylie is accredited in STATIC 99R and STABLE 2000 adult sexual offending assessment tools and draws upon Hall McMaster and Associates Ltd ‘Abusive Practices Checklist’ and schema theories.

Minimum Appointments

Please note for an assessment to be conducted and a report formulated, you will be required to attend a minimum number of six (6) one hour $180 appointments with Kylie and collaborating documents, such as affidavits, court reports, drug tests, involvement with other services may be sourced (with written consent).


The cost to formulate / write the report is billed at the standard hourly rate of $180. This includes file and document review, research analysis, report formulation and Justice of the Peace signatory. Total cost of writing the report will depend on the length and depth of the report. You can request the amount of time taken to formulate the report be capped to meet your budget; however, a minimum cost of 7 hours / $1,260 is required to formulate a report post the six (6) individual sessions. Please contact Kylie for further information on or phone 0418986293.


Please note you can not use Medicare rebated appointments for the purpose of formulating a court report. This is because your Mental Health Care Plan and appointments are for the purpose of addressing a diagnosed mental health concern using ‘focused psychological strategies’.

Professional Integrity

Please note the content within the report is based on independent professional assessment and can not be influenced through payment as per the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Code of Ethics, Social Work Values – Professional Integrity, ‘make considered and ethically accountable professional decisions’ LINK (Section 3.3 page 13)