Medicare & Rebates

Fee: $180

Consultations are $180 for 60 minutes. Payment is required at the end of the session by cash or EFTPOS. You may be able to access a rebate for services if you are a member of a Private Health Care Fund or have been issued with a current Mental Health Care Plan from your treating General Practitioner (GP) / Doctor or Psychiatrist.

Medicare Rebate

If you attend a GP/Doctor prior to your appointment and obtain a Mental Health Care Plan you'll be eligible for a Medicare rebate / reimbursement of $81.90 (or an ‘out of pocket’ session expense of $98.10 per 60 minute appointment),

For more information visit:

The Department of Health - Mental Health InformationPHN North Queensland - Mental HealthReferral Form for GP's

Private Health Fund Rebate

Private Health Care Funds differ in terms of accessible rebates for psychological and counselling treatment by an accredited mental health practitioner and counsellor with a Medicare Provider number. Please contact your provider to discuss what entitlements you may be eligible for.

Fix It Counselling is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker service ABN: 54624309128. Kylie’s Medicare Provider Number is 5316971K and Sheridan’s Medicare Provider Number is 5504911L.